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"It's got a really spongy sound. We've found that when you're men, the slower tempos can be funky."

-- Bono, on "Elevation"

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U2 Conference & @U2

@U2 and the U2 Conference

@U2 is assisting the organizers of The U2 Conference, an event exploring the music, work and influence of U2, with their upcoming conference in Cleveland in April 2013.

We've put together a "track" of popular/mainstream sessions to complement the academic sessions that conference organizers have already announced.

Our sessions are listed below.

Our Mainstream/Popular Sessions

With help from your input late last year, here are the sessions we plan to present at the U2 Conference.

Friday, April 26

Title: U2 as 'The Next Big Thing' - A Conversation with Jim Henke
Time: 8:45 am
Moderator: Tassoula E. Kokkoris, @U2
Interview with moderator and audience Q&A
Description: Cleveland native Jim Henke met U2 in 1981 on tour in England and wrote the first Rolling Stone magazine article about them, U2 - Here Comes the 'Next Big Thing.' As a writer and editor at Rolling Stone for 16 years, he continued covering the band in the 80s before he became a vice president and chief curator at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum for 18 years. While at the Rock Hall, Henke worked with U2 to contribute to the museum's collection, and curated the 2003 major exhibition, In The Name of Love: Two Decades of U2. In this session, Henke will share his unique perspective and personal stories about U2's rise to international success and Henke's work in documenting it.

Title: Transition: Marketing U2 in the 1990s – A Conversation with Brian O'Neal
Time: 10:30 am
Moderator: Matt McGee, @U2
Format: Interview with moderator and audience Q&A
Description: U2 reinvented itself in the 1990s, starting the decade with a new attitude, a new look, and new sounds. They went from a monochrome earnestness to the bright lights of Zoo TV, the vivid colors of Pop, and a decade-long mission to "f***-up the mainstream." Brian O’Neal was along for the ride, creating promotional strategies for Achtung Baby, Zooropa, Pop and their respective tours, as well as side projects like Passengers, "The Theme From Mission: Impossible," and more. We'll talk to O'Neal about how he helped U2 transition and transform in the 1990s, and there'll be plenty of time for audience Q&A, too.

Saturday, April 27

Title: U2's Sound Explained for Non-Musicians
Time: 8:45 am
Moderator: Christopher Endrinal, @U2
Format: Moderator-led session with all four members of Unforgettable Fire tribute band discussing U2's sound and playing examples
Description: Why does Edge change guitars after almost every song in concert? How has Adam and Larry's playing changed over the years? How has Bono's voice and singing changed over the years? If you've ever wondered how U2 gets its unmistakable sound, this is the session for you. The members of NYC-based tribute band Unforgettable Fire will demystify the U2 sound and -- since actions speak louder than words -- we'll invite them to not only talk about U2's sounds, but to also play examples for us, too.

Title: Transmission: U2 on the Radio Past, Present and Beyond - A Conversation with John Gorman
Time: 10:30 am
Moderator: Matt McGee, @U2, and Mary Cipriani, WBWC
Format: Interview with moderator and audience Q&A
Description: Cleveland radio legend John Gorman met U2 on the band's first tour of the U.S., and has followed them throughout his storied career in the radio industry, which included 13 years at FM powerhouse WMMS. He's seen how radio has handled U2 over the years, and how it handles U2 today. Join us for a conversation about U2 and the band's changing relationship with the radio industry.

Title: Stories for Boys & Girls
Time: 10:30 am
Moderators: Angela Pancella & Tim Neufeld, @U2
Format: Multiple brief (5 min.) informal presentations selected from audience submissions, led by a moderator with time for general discussion
Description: U2 fandom is a very tribal experience. U2's music touches our hearts, stirs our souls and challenges our minds. These songs and this band have changed some of us, saved some of us and become part of the fabric of our life. In this session, listen to your fellow fans tell remarkable stories of U2's impact in their lives and join in what's sure to be a U2 fan tribal experience.

Want to participate in this "Stories" session? Fill out this form to let us know!

What's Next?

If you've contacted us (via the link above) to tell your story during the "Stories For Boys & Girls" session, we'll aim to let you know if you've been selected by April 15th.

If you have any questions, please use the U2 Conference contact form so that conference organizers and @U2 can help as best we can.

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