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I'm not afraid to be ugly or to be myself. -- Bono, 1981

by Brian Louwers

So..let me preface this by saying I feel kind of bad writing about this show so long after the fact. But seriously, it was one of the best shows I've seen, at least on this side of the pond. The Zoo TV Outside Broadcast Tour rolled into the outskirts of Chicago for a set of amazing shows in the Midwest in the Fall of 1992. This was my third U2 show (my new total as of March 24, 2005 is 18) and I was pretty excited about driving from Detroit to see U2 outside. I wasn't disappointed. The venue was great, the show sounded great. To our surprise, the band announced, after bringing a girl up onto the B-stage, that they'd be playing a song they "...haven't played in about five years." They then played Party Girl and we all pretty much fell apart with joy at that point.
The rest of the set was about what you'd expect from that tour. The addition of that song in particular really made the evening for us. Later that night, we saw the girl that was pulled up on stage. I swear she must have requested that song. She was walking around the parking lot in a daze with an empty champagne bottle in her hand.

One final note: Every time I think about that show, I think about those lucky enough to be there with me. I think about my brother Len, my brother Ben, my sister Julie and my sister Jenny Beer. Jenny and Benny are no longer with us, but their memories will live forever through the music of this fantastic band and the undying love of our band of friends. Be safe.

"Uncertainty could be a guiding light..."

Love, Brian

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