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"I'm proud that when people think of Ireland, they think about music, literature, filmmakers. They don't think about banks, about boring things." — Bono

by Robert Maggi

The show was at woosley hall at Yale University my seat was on the floor a few rows from the stage. Bono did climb the balcony over our heads and my cousin and I were freakin out he was so high up we still talk about it to this day.Bono pulled a girl on stage during I Will Follow.She was kinda heavy.When he realized she was not to hot he was pushing her back off stage while singing the part Walk Away Walk Away.Bono was wearing a hat that nite as he finished the song he took the hat off as if you would do when you want someone to put money in it.I reached in my pocket and took out a quarter and tossed it at bono and hit him in the chest and bounced in the hat.Bono then stuck the hat out in front of him and the entire hall through money onto the stage.coins were crashing off the cymbals and it was raining cash.I often wanted to ask Bono if he remembered that and if they realized at that point they were going to be rich superstars.

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