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[]That idea of me being like the leader of the nation of the imagination, that's interesting. -- Bono

by Lee Bushnell

Positive :

I have seen quite a few concerts by U2 on these shores and this was up there with them in reference to them sounding pretty tight and the huge spectacle of the stage,screen and lights.
Really like 'Breathe' as an opener and 'Unknown caller' works really well with the words on the screen. 'Moment of surrender' sounds so much more rich and soulful live vs the somewhat dull plod along on the album.

Negative :

We were in the red zone, So pretty close to the walkways, Really frustrating that we only saw Adam walk past twice, Edge once and Bono once ! (Larry once - However will let him off as he plays the drums !). U2 Are always known for their walkabouts and i am sure thats the reason a lot of peple forked out a lot for the red zone experience (?).

£22 for a t-shirt !

Observation :

Found it interesting Bono was wearing a laser/light jacket, The reason i did is as a big fan of Elvis also - Elvis presley's jumpsuit maker said that was going to be the next type of suit they where designing if he had done another tour, I wonder if that was a nod to the great man who died on the 16th August and if the idea came from that.

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