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"Although spending a couple of months a year [in Ireland] is only a vague impression of home, any place else would seem like work." — Adam

by David Dunne

I have to say this gig was a little bit disapointing, this was U2's first gig in the new Wembley Stadium and i was expecting something a bit special. The gig on a musical level was tight and professional maybe too much so. But i found there to be little interaction with the crowd. There was no girl brought on stage, no sing along with Bono and the edge, they seemed a bit moody to be honest. U2 also rarely acknowleged the rear of the stage so that section never really got going. I had flown over from Dublin with my brother and mate, we had been at the 3 gigs in Croke Park and found Bono quite chatty while havin "the craic" with the Irish audience. I found the Wembley crowd subdude a little, they didnt get goin until Elevation and i noticed on the rare occasion when Bono spoke to the crowd there were people behind us shouting out "Just sing the fucking song" which i found annoying. When U2 perform they need to bond with the audience otherwise it becomes mechanical, i read the reviews on the official web site and a lot of people were quoting "oh my god when the crowd sang the first verse of Still havent found what i'm Looking For, Bono stood in shock" Having been at the Saturday gig in Croke Park "25th July" when U2 played that song; Bono sang the first line but the crowd just drowned him out and left us to it, this was natural and unplanned. However in Wembley it seemed very much the opposite, very "oh well this has tried a few times lets give it a go". I dont think it helps the band though when a crowd is not up for it and i felt a large section were not. Although the set i must say was performed to perfection, unforgettable fire is still a hair raiser. I'm not convinced however its wise that U2's opening four songs are from the new album, they are great songs dont get me wrong; however i feel a lot of the audience are either un familiar with the words or they are there for just the classics. "believe me not the case with us 3 that went over" This was also a problem in Croke Park, the crowd didnt get going until Beautiful Day, which is song number five. I think personally i just caught the band on a bad night, it does happen with U2 on tour altough not very often. I think the talk that U2 are "passed it" is ridiculous, Bono's voice is getting stronger and U2 still have "IT". From a music point of view i would give this performance 10/10 but there was no connection with the crowd, i have never experienced that with one of U2's performances before and must say i left the show a little confused. This is my eight U2 show and fourth of this tour, my brother went to the opening night in Barcelona and he felt a little strange after this show too. I cant criticise the "Light Show" because that really was amazing, as it always has been since ZOO Tv. This tour IS brilliant, although i would prefer it if they mixed it up a bit more, U2 jumbled the setlist a little last night moving "boots" and "magnificent" around and moving Desmond Tutu's speech to "one" i felt it did compliment the build up to "streets" quite well but i think "one" is more suitable. I want to make the point very clear that this is not "one up manship" on London from Dublin; i think London is a great city and we had great fun with the locals after the show. We had Tri Colours with us but this was not meant as "anti British" we were just being "pro Irish"! Thankfully everyone around us understood this and had pictures taken with the three of us and our flags. I'd say tonight will be a lot better;also i'm travlling to Cardiff for the last gig of the Eruopean leg which hopefully WILL be a bit speical. This tour will get better and better as it goes along, this band will be on fire by the time they get to the U.S.

Cardiff should be amazing!

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