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"Some people expect U2 to come on like a political band. ... Other people see us as prophets. Some see us as pop stars. ... And we're not any of those things. We're probably all of them. I don't know what we are." — Bono

by The Pete

Fantastic concert! This was my 5th U2 gig (1st being Popmart at wembley '97) and it didnt disapoint! We had £85 tickets roughly on the half way line but in the upper tier. After months of fretting whether this would be a good seat, i needn't have worried. Perfect side view of the stage and we could see the whole of the claw. Now let me just add that I have been lucky enough to see U2 very close up. I have seen them perform at the BBC and have been within 3ft of them outside their dressing room, so I didnt feel the need to get standing tickets this time and get right up front. Im glad I didnt because our view was PERFECT! We got to see the band,the stage,the lights and the amazing 88,000 record breaking wembley crowd.
I know there are a lot of fans tired of hearing hits like 'Pride' 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' etc but hearing them will never be boring to my ears. These songs are played lots because they are great and rouse emotion in people,fans and non fans alike. If the Beatles were still around and wouldnt play hits,people would be outraged!
Anyway, out of my 5 U2 concerts I rank them like this

1.U2360 wembley 2009
2.Popmart Wembley 1997
3.Elevation Earls court show#1 2001
4.Vertigo, Twickenham, 2005
5.Elevation,Earls Court show#4 2001

I certainly wasnt expecting the band to beat Popmart, but they have! I dont know where they can go from here. Theres only so many times you can raise your game, but if anyone can do it, U2 can.Im very proud to be a fan of this fantastic group!

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