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The people we'd choose to describe the condition of the world are not often the people God would choose. The chosen may be punk rockers or hip-hop people. But nonetheless, the state of the world will be described.-- Bono, 2004

by Syd

I'm fairly certain, it was PJ Harvey who opened up for U2 on this night. I remember b/c I arrived late, towards the end of her act, I think it was raining, and I was really hoping it would be the Stereo MC's or someone else at the time b/c I wasn't into her music.

I Googled it and this seems to support my memory that it was PJ Harvey that night:

"In the summer of 1993 the band opened for megastars U2 on tour of Great Britain and Europe,"

Anywho, U2 have been one of my favorite bands for years, but this was certainly not one of my favorite shows. Didn't help that I had lousy nosebleed seats at Wembley and that it rained - this may be atmospheric for some, but the nature of this show was high-tech, cold, and somewhat isolating, I suppose to prove an ironic point. It didn't work for me - way up there in the bleachers, all it accomplished for me was feeling very far away and isolated from the band. And it was a sad departure from the music that made me love them: War, Unforgettable Fire, and Joshua Tree.

The 1995 Vertigo Tour was 200% better and more of what I would expect from them, heartfelt, special, and magical.

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