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"I do think that when I'm 60 I will finally be cool." — Bono

by TIM

My only, and I do mean only, dissapointment is that Springsteen chose to show up Monday night instaed of this one. But WOW, what a show, The energy was incredible, and I was certainly suprised to hear "The Ocean" ("this is tribal Philadelphia") from "Boy."

Bono was engaing the crowd throughout the show, and even made what sounded like a veiled slam at Rick Santorum (who was forced to re-write an earlier press release stating that he was "teaming up" with U2 when all he was really doing was scalping tickets as a fundraser) in the intro to "Miracle Drug." Having a sister who is a nurse, it was great to hear Bono dedicate the song to nurses and saying that God gave us science.

I also think that Edge may be one of the most under-rated musicians in rock. His vocals throuought the show added depth to the songs, and his playing is just unbelievable. I sure wish I could have hit the Monday night show as well. I really hope they make another leg on the tour and visit Philly next year.

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