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I just don't want to go through what I call the Interesting Music Phase. That really means 'We just don't get it.'-- Bono, 2004

by ultraviolet

WARNING: If you want U2 to play the songs you expect just like they sing them on the radio and you don't want to hear Bono talk about politics-- then please stay home and listen to your greatest hits cd.

Was the show perfect? No. Was it fun? Hell yeah. They still are one of the greatest live bands out there. I thought the show was fantastic. I really liked that they did Miss Sarajevo and some other random ones... I think it keeps it interesting for them and for (some of) us. The Edge was full of energy and having a lot of fun. Bono was Bono... he talks a lot, but you gotta love him. He's full of passion and it still shows after 20+ years of doing what he's been doing. My favorite was the opening with City of Blinding Lights. Streets is also one of my favorite live numbers. I'd never heard them do 40 before and was really glad they closed the show that way.

If anything was off, it was more the audience than the band. Sorry Philly, you just can't rock like Boston can. ;)

My only real complaint was the guy standing near me who smelled like feet.

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