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"I don't think anyone can channel their taste in one area because music tends to be universal. In a way it's irrelevant what arrangement it's in if the song is good." — Adam

by Melissa

Last night was my 4th U2 show and I think it was probably the best with my 1st show (The Unforgettable Fire tour) coming in a close second.

The Electric Co. was amazing and since I hadn't been carefully watching set lists, it came as a complete surprise to me. In my opinion, the first few songs were the best of the night, the crowd worked itself into a frenzy and I felt like I was running on pure adrenaline.

Parts of the rest of the show were excellent, I always love "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is always wonderful. All the songs from the most recent album were great. This may be sacrilege, but I find both "Elevation" and "Beautiful Day" very difficult to get into. Emotionally, they just don't hit me, so to me, those songs are energy zappers. I thought the other songs from that album were wonderful.

I don't mind Bono as the activist. This is pretty much expected behavior from him, however, sometimes I wish he was just a little less chatty. To me, it messes up the energy level of the show.

All the encores were great, "40" holds a special place in my heart. If I had my druthers, they would have skipped "With or Without You" and played "Party Girl" or "Gloria" instead, but I guess you can't have everything.

Overall, I thought the show was great, just not perfect.

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