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"[We] called ourselves the Hype because of the lack of it." — Bono, on one of the band's early names

by Fitz

I have seen upwards of 20 u2 shows, from the Joshua Tree on...and this one is blah. Of course there were some high points but there was a lot of dead time.

The first encore was anything but..great songs but not for an encore set. I would have loved Zoo Station, I Will Follow, Ultraviolet, something a little more up, especially if you are going to end the show with 40.

I was also hoping that they would do Vertigo a second time like they did in other shows, but cant fault them for not doing that.

Tech speaking, the mix was not good, sounded tinnie, almost ampped up too much. Bono's mic not to his liking after the first two songs, his guitar not working during One. You would figure by this point in the tour, these bugs should have been worked out.

It was a good show, not great, certainly no ZooTV, and would like to have seen a new show and not a new version of Elevation tour.

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