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"In the shower, which is a natural echo chamber, I sing like I never have sung on a record. But the way I always try to sing on records." — Bono

by Kite

I am still out of words. Yesterday´s concert was fantastic to me..my 10th Vertigo show..and also the last one...the final goodbye to the madness that got me started in germany in June 12, and ended up yesterday.

But it couldn´t have ended in a better way. Though the setlist was the same as for some other shows....it was performed in a very passionate way. I was back there, out of the elipse, right in the fence. I loved how Edge failed the intro to the solo in Sometimes, and Bono looked at him, cus it was so natural...after all, they are only humans.

Bullet and Sunday were perfect to me, with the little boy - Owen - on stage and driving Bono trough the catwalk.

I was the girl pulled on stage during Streets. We had a banner saying ´Zootopian United Against Poverty´. The banner had been previously signed by Bono and Edge, so they knew what it was ll about. And then he just came around us and made me a sign to go on stage. A golden key, to close a very beautiful week in my life!!!

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