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Some stupid U2 fans think that we have all the answers and that maybe we can save their world. But the majority of U2 fans are much smarter than that. -- Bono

by Dave Forster

I agree with Jim Taggart's review when it comes to Mrs. Sarajevo and The First Time. They were show killers in my opinion. The only time during the whole show I could hear people talking and not singing was during those songs. The Ocean was also somewhat of a downer too. Fast Cars did nothing for me, and many people in my section didn't know how to react to it. For $176 via TM, I would at least like to hear a song I've heard greatest hit or not(like Crumbs-New Years Day-The Fly). And please bring back Running to Stand Still and maybe even An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart for tonight. I thought the girl that came up on the stage during WOWY was lame. She basically slow danced with Bono the whole time, and never looked up at him. Edge was on fire tonight, and made up for all of Bono's talking and missed lines. I felt sorry for some people that left after the first encore(WOWY). They actually thought All Because of You and 40 both weren't going to get played on this leg??? Overall the guys had good energy, I just wished the set list was more to my liking. I'll be in section 123 tonight, right in front of Edge!

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