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The music that really turns me on is either running toward God or away from God. Both recognize the pivot, that God is at the center of the jaunt. -- Bono

by Jeff

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Awesome. Awesome.


Fantastic show, from start to finish, with only a few minor flubs. And we had a great view from the 2nd row just behind Larry in section 119.

First of all, will somebody please explain to me why Damian Marley is opening on this leg?

That was the worst opening act in the history of U2 shows (and I've seen 21 of them) ... well, at least until Kanye West opens up later on this leg.

Standard setlist tonight, but it super. You could tell right away that they were refreshed after a night off after the NYC gigs.

Sound was crisp and clear (even better than the shows here in May) and Bono was talkative and playful from the start ... tons of 'Philadelphia' references sprinkled in all night.

Only minor gaffes: Bono tried to do a snip of In a Little While and he forgot the words. And Bono forgot a verse during Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own.

At the end of the flubbed Little While attempt, Bono says ... hey, it's our song. It's OK if we screw it up. That was a pretty funny moment.

Everything else was dynamite. He pulled a girl up for With or Without You. And he pulled a little boy up during Sunday Bloody Sunday. He let the boy lead him around the catwalk, and when they reached the tip, he asked the boy to take his co-exist headband off. It was a touching moment.

Fast Cars was better -- much harder, too, with Larry banging away. Edge was completely drowned out on the acoustic.

Oh, and at one point, someone handed Bono a pink rose. He plopped in a bottle of water in front of Larry's kit, then he turned back around toward Larry and just gave him this wink. It was the best.

My other favorite highlight (remember, we were behind the stage) was during Streets -- when the lights pop on in the middle, Edge came running up the catwalk and was behind Larry. And when the lights came up, Edge's face just lit up and he was smiling ear to ear while the whole place was going bonkers.

And a big thanks to Dallas for the guitar picks and the setlist. Much obliged.

If you're going to the second show, don't even bother going early to see this Marley guy -- it's a complete waste of your time.

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