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To see like a songwriter is the easiest. . . . Hearing like a writer is a lot harder; you've got to really listen. -- Bono

by Linda Vincent

I attended the show in Philadelphia on 10/16/03. As always U2 put on a wonderful show. They sang old as well as new songs hence pleasing the audience. This was not their best show that I have seen ( I've been to 3 now spanning 1985- 2005) Bono ( who I adore and respect) sort of went off in new directions with songs and then would expect the audience to catch up and sing along. Actually at one point I think he confused himself and stated, "it is our song we're allowed to mess it up if we want"
This show was an advertisement for the ONE campaign to eradicate world poverty. While I respect that as well as all the work Bono does for Africa it seemed a bit preachy this time.
I do want to thank Bono for dedicating a song to physicians and nurses... As a nurse it meant so much to be recognized even though I was only a face in the crowd. Then to read that Rick Santorum bought 66 tickets and was selling them at a higher rate to boost his campaign sickened me.
I will continue to attend U2 concerts as I love their music, Bono's voice, their lyrics and there respect for humanity.

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