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"I used to think that writing words was old-fashioned, so I sketched. I wrote words on the microphone." — Bono

by Jim Taggart

Just got back from the Wachovia Center and my third Vertigo show of the year. Absolutely cracking good. Closest seats yet, behind the stage a bit, but a relatively up close experience. Yer man Bono was on point tonight, setlist a mixed bag. "Electric Co." is great to hear, as is "Fast Cars" which was thrashed through with wild abandon. But as much as I love "Miss Sarajevo" it seemed to grind everything to a halt. Ditto with "The First Time" which was curiously placed as the first encore opener. No "Zoo Station", no "Fly" tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

I'd be interested to see what that sign said that Bono and a woman he helped onstage said, if anyone could mail me.

They've added some fantasic lighting, and U2 is unique in that it's the only band that actually lights it's audience. I went from yellow to green to slightly purple all in the space of about five songs.

The Edge's enthusiasm seemingly has no end, as he was jumping about throughout the entire set.

Call me what you will, but I bailed when I heard young Lawrence start "40". Traffic.

Oh, before the show I managed a glimpse of yer man as he sped past in the runner. Being nearly two hours late, he pointed at his watch and gestured "Sorry." Again, maybe tomorrow.

For you WWE fanatics, I had a brief word with of all people Ken Blackman before the show. Got his name wrong. It's to his credit he didn't break me in half.

Uploading pics next.

A sidenote: the opening act, some reggae band whose name escapes me, had a member whose sole purpose was to vigorously wave the Jamaican flag. For their entire set.

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