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I guess I did my grieving for my father, keening, in front of 20,000 people singing U2 songs. They really carried me, those songs and my three mates.-- Bono, 2002

by Dan Reese

Last night was my 4th U2 show. I saw them twice on elevation, and last week in Philly. But last night was the first time I had GA floor tickets! It was ten times better than any other show I've seen. Bono's voice was a little raspy at times, but he still belted out the great soaring vocals in Sometimes You Can't Make It, Love and Peace, and even All Because of You. Gloria was probably the best song of the night for me.
Bono was extremely interactive with the crowd. Twice he pulled people on stage. During Pride he stopped in mid-sentence when the crowd's "oh-oh-oh-oh's" had died out. He motioned as if to say, "I can't hear you" and waited for about 10 seconds before speaking again.
But the best part of the show was the "zooTV" encore. Bono walking slowly around the oval, kicking his legs high, pulling his arm down after raising it uncontrollably... I could go on forever.
But let me just say, I saw them last week from behind the stage in nosebleed 222a. This time I was about 8 rows back from the oval. The quality of the band sounded ten times better and CLEARER, plus the lighting effects were actually understandable! The difference is night and day!

Here are some great photos from the floor!
By the way, these are from a real digital camera! Yes they are permitted.

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