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"I just don't want to go through what I call the Interesting Music Phase. That really means 'We just don't get it.'" — Bono

by Tracy

I've been a fan since 8th grade (1985). I've seen them every time they come to Philly and I have to say, this concert touched my soul more than any other concert. Could have been because I was one of the lucky ones who got into the Ellipse (3rd row from the stage, center). As soon as they took the stage, the tears began streaming down my face. I would call the Beatles fans crazy for crying and acting like that...but here I am doing the same thing 30 some odd years later at a U2 concert! Guess I'm crazy but the emotion was uncontrollable. The set was awesome in every aspect. RTSS is one of my all time faves and they rocked it! How about Gloria? My God! Chilled me to the bone. It was like going to church on Christmas morning for me! Anyhoo, I'm glad I got into the Ellipse and look forward to October. Wondering if I can be lucky 2 times!

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