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"I realised that you can't be a passive pacifist, you must be an aggressive pacifist. I had to make a strong statement about what was happening, and 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' is that statement." — Bono

by Tom Pelton and Viara Malala

I have waited many years to post my review for my first U2 show, and I have my dear sister to share her thoughts too.

Tom: A spectacular show. I love how the beginning operates. Bono struts on stage as if he owns the world. I teach for physics for a living, and the stage is causing some serious mathematical curiosity in my head. I did not think a stage like this is possible. The younger ones were having a blast, and I sat like an old man humming the songs while my sister was clapping her hands.

Viara: Yummy! That's all I can say. Yummy, yummy, yummy. I am a hairstylist for a living, and Tom asked me to go along with him because we don't spend enough time together. One was so touching. Tom and I held hands throughout the song as the lighting in the stadium was so beautiful. I did sing along with Sunday Bloody Sunday because this song makes me want to clench my fist and join a peaceful biker gang. It was so nice to see this beautiful stage and the beautiful screen. Thank you Tom! One word to sum up the show: Yummy!

Tom again: Well, I hope you guys enjoyed our review. Have fun at the U2 shows. We did! I never knew that U2 could make an audience think about physics.

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