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"I think God gets annoyed with the gifted. We should know that our work is no more important than a plumber's or a carpenter's." — Bono

by Fvddungen

This was the second show of this tour I attended and my 7th U2 show overall. First time in Amsterdam (I'm from Holland) and second time here in Gelsenkirchen. I was lucky to be in the inside ring this time and it happened that there was only 1 meter between me and Bono & Adam, while they were playing and singing on the bridge. The crowd really went crazy when they were so close and even a girl behind me was crying. Can we ever be closer than this time? The show was again magnificent and the band played with power. Although the solo of magnificent didn't start well and an amp or cable of Edge broke during Vertigo, so that they had to play this song all over again. I'm glad they left out that MJ crap, because I don't have anything with MJ. The setlist was good, but I liked the setlist in Amsterdam more, which included my favorite songs Until the end of the world and Bad. But we never can please everyone, right? I'm hoping that U2 will do a next leg next year and in that case I will again attend a show or maybe two. Until next time.

I really have one word to say: Leaving the parking area was a real disaster. No traffic control and the germans really don't have manners on the road. It took over 2 1/2 hours to leave the parking place. While in Amsterdam we were gone in 10 minutes, due to perfect traffic control and the good behaviour of the driving people.

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