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"Every review should have, below the name of the critic, their 10 current favorite works in the medium. That way you have some chance of seeing their prejudices." — Brian Eno

by Ross

Only the second time I've seen them, both on the 360 Tour (late-bloomer as a fan, apologies to long-timers). I have to say this one was a lot better than the first time around. That one was special for being the first U2 concert I was at (Atlanta, 2009) , this one was just much more memorable.

For starters, I really liked having it at Vandy, it made the show feel more "intimate" (as intimate as a show with this production can be) with "The Claw" virtually touching the bleacher seating. Someone in their review asked why this wasn't at LP Field, I think it has something to do with CMA Fest.

Moving on...I really like how they have replaced the No Line On The Horizon set at the beginning with the Achtung one. Those songs just seem much more conducive to the craziness that is this production, I kept myself from reading set lists in advance and was thrilled to hear "Even Better Than The Real Thing" and "The Fly" at the beginning. The sound was also much better to me in the outdoor venue than the dome I saw them in the first time, and all the guys definitely seemed to be cranking it to "11" in terms of energy, they all seemed very into it and to be having a blast.

I'm rambling on now so I'll just say that, while it did seem there were some people who were there just to say they were (it's Nashville, you've got a bunch of music snobs and people who just want to see and be seen), everyone seemed to be having a good time (I was in bleacher's on Adam's side). And like many other reviews have said, highlight of the night was the blind guy getting pulled up after the show was technically over, a fact many of us up where I was didn't even realize until after the fact (that he was blind).

Fantastic show, can't wait to see them again, and hopefully it doesn't take 30 years again for them to get back to Nashville.

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