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"It's the restraint, not the letting go, that makes his playing so exciting." — Bono, on Edge

by CarolMc

This is a review of my Red Zone experience at Phoenix 1. I love the GA experience, but am not always capable of sitting in the sun all day and standing for hours on end. I liked the looks of the Red Zone on the 360 tour and took the plunge to do it this time.

The check-in process was clearly explained in an email and easy to manage. Kudos to Emma, the Red Zone handler, for being efficient, friendly, and upbeat. I was disappointed that the floor layout was quite different from the map shown at the the of purchase but I think that was to try to allow a view of the screen.

The biggest disappointment was that not everything promised was delivered. There was no instructions to access the VIP entrance or a Red Zone refreshment stand. If the backstage tour happened, most of us were unaware.

The main issue was the venue staff's lack of knowledge for the first Phoenix show on May 22. When asked, most of them did not know the difference between Red Zone and GA nor which doors allowed access to which. This meant for the first show, the Red Zone and GA were given access to the floor at the same time. Great for the GA folks who worked hard for that but bad for the Red Zone who paid for a better experience.  That improved the second night, must to the annoyance of the GA ticket holders.

So really, the main benefit to the Red Zone ticket was not having to wait in line all day and deal with the wrist band and entrance process. And of course, the knowledge you're donating to a worthy cause. Now I wish I knew how much of the ticket cost goes to (Red).

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