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"Next time, we're going to make some changes in the way tickets are distributed. But you know what? We'll never get it right. There's always going to be scalpers, there's always going to be screw-ups." — Larry

by dave

Well, this was my 14th or 15th show, dating back to the 1992 Zoo TV show. To be fair, my seats were terrible, so the closer to the stage, usually means the better the experience. That being said, for you younger fans or fans who have not seen them previously you don't know what you missed! The energy, interactions with the crowd and shear enthusiasm on behalf of the band just did not seem there. Bono did not look spontaneous at all and looked almost pained while singing With or Without You. Adam, seemed to hang out in the background and not a lot of creativity, ie: acoustic songs, and songs that stop in the middle and join another song. Feedback in the beginning of the show was awful and the claw served no purpose at all. Also, crowd in the stands was piss poor and I even say a bunch of people leave way early. For those who enjoyed, congrats! For those who were disappointed, your not alone! I also agree with a previous writer who stated that people were rude. Had a lady yell at me in the tshirt line because she thought I cut her in line. U2 fans are usually very gracious and courteous.

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