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I'm not a big CD person myself. I like the crackles. -- Bono

by Kelsey Calon

This was my third tour, 6th show. I will always be beyond excited to see the best band in the world as I was on Tuesday night, but like a lot of other people, I found this not their greatest performance. Bono sounded great for the most part, but I felt he ducked out on some notes, maybe his voice is a bit strained? There were a few squeals coming from the speakers, not sure if that is from the mics or what? Loved the Bishop Tutu speech. Really liked the Crazy mix they did and thought Unknow Caller was great. Actually, I am really liking the new album live, would have been a lot more fun if the crowd was more into it. I found they were quite still and silent for a lot of the show. The one thing that really ticked me off was the stadium itself. I have read that it is a regular occurrence to meet some of the guys before the show if you hang around an entrance around sound check time. First of all, band didn't even do sound check, have to assume that their techs did it. The stadium is built in such a way that there isn't really a spot to wait and meet them and security wasn't prepared at all for the fans that were expecting this. I will never go to another concert at U of Phoenix stadium, I tend to hold grudges and will not let go of this one easily. We will give GM Place Vancouver a try to meet the band next Wednesday, wish me luck!

Black Eyed Peas were awesome, what great entertainers!!!

Until next time.....


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