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"It would be pathetic to be good at the music and bad at the business." — Paul McGuinness

by Alan Lapointe

I'd have to agree with the general tenor of the other reviews. It was my 29th U2 show (since 1985), and this was not a magical night. Nothing near the performances in Chicago.
Magical moments, yes, but not an outstanding show.
In the Red Zone, Adam's side, there was an especially obnoxious drunk frat-boy type, but more distressing was the sea of people who had to be rescued from the inner circle of pain. One woman appeared to have passed out. She was carried by security, while the band played on, oblivious.
That circle was golden on the last tour BECAUSE it was limited access and you got elbow room. Now, if it was a club, the fire marshal would close it.
The many empty seats (same scene at PopMart in Tempe) detracted from the atmosphere.
Bands are like sports teams; some nights even the superstars can't win. Sunday will be better.

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