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Self-consciousness can make the face ugly. -- Bono

by John "frkyu2" Kahler

This is my 22nd U2 show lifetime since opening night in Las Vegas for Pop Mart Tour in 1997 and even though I was disappointed slightly after all the hype about how great the new album/cd was then reading the same set list from venue to venue leading up to Phoenix show, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised in how well some of the new material played live. Bono did sound like he took in some helium on a few of the early tunes and there were some hiccups by The Edge with In A Little While and a few spots here and there. The most disappointing item on my list is the crowded inner circle the security guard told us that they would have 2400 people inside when they should have had 2000 or less. Then to top it off after the Black Eyed Peas set we had groups of people show up and stand right in front of those who had waited all night in the same spot. Hope they drop the number inside the circle for future shows because I wont be going in there again we were like sardines in a can. The highlights of the show were The Unforgettable Fire which I had never seen live and Ultra Violet which was also a first live for me all and all the encore was amazing outside of the last song which was new material and should definitely be moved up to the main set and replaced with something else like Bad or All I Want Is You would be great when the last song Moment of Surrender ended the show, which is a good song, the crowd just stood there and if I didnt mention to the people in our area "that was it" they might still be standing there waiting for another tune got some cool pictures to shareand now it is off to Pasadena and hopefully a change in the set list but dont count on it.

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