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"I have fallen off stage on a couple of occasions. The first thing is to protect the guitar, because you can fix an ankle, you can fix a bruise, but when you break a guitar that's the end of it." — Edge

by David B Schroeder

Having been a fan of U2 for close to 30 years, I must say that they seem to have matured with the musical landscape and technological advances proffered them by mankind.

The 360 Tour is a testament of this fact.

I have seen Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Robert Plant of Led Zepplin, Roger Daltrey of The Who and Springsteen all perform live -up close and personal. U2 is on the same tier as these, but Bono outshines the front men of all of these bands.

This wasnt U2s best show of the tour but for the casual fan or curious fan, the band did not disappoint this evening- it was an excellent show. I watched the entire show with my friend Jesse B. from the front rail center mic right-we had a blast.

Bono, it seems wants to make each show special and a bit different than a previous show. He pulled up a young kid, ran a lap around the circumference of the stage, sang to this child and gave his glasses to her (not sure of the gender). He pulled 3 sisters up who were in the first few rows danced and sang with them on stage -collectively and individually. Bono worked the crowd passionately making eye contact with so many fans, you could tell that he wished he could have pulled more up on stage, but although preoccupied with doing so, it wouldnt be feasible-so he forced himself to let go of the thought and perform instead. All the while, one couldnt help noticing that Bono was continually thinking as he sang; looking for the next opportunity to create another piece of magic if the opportunity presented itself; magic like this happens often at a U2 show.

The best songs of the evening were Breath, Vertigo, Streets, Unforgettable Fire, Ultra Violet, With or With Out You, Elevation and Unknown Caller.

The only think I wish were different is for Bonos hair to be longer, the butch, Pop Mart hair doesnt serve him as well as his hair style during the Elevation tour. Im hoping who ever they have as their stylist these days will talk him in to growing it out or maybe Allison could give him a little kick in the a*s and make him grow it longer-just a thought.
Maybe this can happen after Songs of Ascent is released-who knows.

Well thats all I have for now.

Keep rocking guys; Im hoping somebody gets you a copy of this. Stay outta trouble and if were lucky well be able to see you upstage Lady Gaga real soon- ha.

Your friend,

David B Schroeder
Big Guy of Boston 4- June 2001.

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