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"One part of his brain is a genius, but he can only focus on one thing. He wasn't able to negotiate his way through school, but he can sit and read seven books in a day." — Ali, on Bono

by Dave A.

Stood in GA with a ton of other people pushing to get up close. Wasn't too bad though. BEP rocked the stage as did U2. Bono started off a bit off key. I was worried his voice was gone from the rest of the tour. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him warm up and be at his strongest on the last song. Simply amazing what he and the band can do. Happy to hear less of his political stuff. I'm not really interesting in his views, more about his music. I guess he really didn't need to preach to a State that only celebrates MLK day because they wanted the Super Bowl. Phoenix crowd was a bit of a disappointment (boring). Can't wait for the lunacy in Los Angeles. See you there.

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