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"Edge looked like Winnie the Witch, Adam looked like the Duchess of York, Larry looked like an extra from some skin flick and I looked like Barbara Bush." — Bono, describing the band's appearance in drag in the "One" video

by jLayne

It was phoned in! I have seen every North American U2 tour accept the very first back n the day. Thank gawd The Black Eyed Peas openned and aside from the dancers in corny costumes looking like some sort of transfomer speakers from the 70's... what were they thinking. None the less BEP rawked and really setup the night right. And the dancers, just like Bono & Edge did, performed behind the drum kit to a non-existing audience??? Someone forgot to tell the this wasn't a 360 show on the 360 tour! If they can only put the let-down stage monstrosity in limited places that's fine. That's why I was willing to travel several states to see them. What a disapointnent to find there was no 360, the set and elitest not intimate setting was confusing & off putting. The stage does nothing kids but get bigger and make it more diffcult to see the band. Bono is not in touch with his audience at all but on a mission to undo injustice in the world. I'd like to get a Rick show from them again. No a sermon and not political speaches. If U2 can bring in 600+million $$$ last year then I hope that the $50/year membersip fee (the highest I've ever paid for any band!) plus money I spend on their music and merch will one day bring back the U2 that rawked with passion and sinsere effort that made them worth all the attention. I will see them again but I might wait for them to come down to earth again. Peace

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