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The reason U2 started writing songs is because they couldn't play anyone else's. -- Paul McGuiness

by Matt

Black Eyed Peas....high energy, and interaction with the audience was great. Their drummer messed up and fell off beat a few times, and some of the low end synths, kicks, and bass, didnt respond well to the tour's P.A. system. I don't feel that the BEP show was well paced though. Something was missing.

U2!!!! Felt like we were in a music video! On the ground floor, about 15 feet away from the outer ring.

Sound was over all good. Larry's snare sometimes sounded like shreding paper, and sometimes sounded like a hallow drum and bass snare. This is most likely due to EQ presets that change from song to song, and sample triggers on the drums. Loved the drum and bass sound, could have done with a smoother natural snare though.

Adam's bass was nowhere near the Ashdown sound he got on the first leg of the Elevation tour.

The edge was an all-star as usual. He even transposed "in a little while" when he noticed a string was out of tune. Instead of tuning on stage, or switching guitars, he worked around it. Thats a skill 30 years of this schtick lends you.

Bono was ON! His voice that is!! It has often been rare for him to hold his voice thoughout a tour. This show is one of the last of this leg, and he was belting it out even to the end. Others have noted, that Bono has changed the register and or note selection of some songs, nonetheless, this effort helps to save his voice and provide the audience with a quality performance. Just dont expect to see "Bad" anytime soon. Bono was also the consumate performer he is known to be. He championed his safe political issues (I mean who is against fighting poverty and AIDS?), gave props to famous people in the crowd (Ali, McCain family). He does what he does well. Some like it, some don't. I dig it.

The song selection was recent hit heavy (Elevation, Vertigo, No Line), with a mix of album tracks from "No Line", and a strong interspercing of "Achtung Baby", and then the classics from pre-1990 albums. No deep album tracks like on previous tours, and "POP", "Zooropa", "boy", "October", were all but forgotten. Getting "The Unforgetable fire, and 30 seconds of "MLK" was pretty sweet though.

SOUNDS! LIGHTS! VISIONS! Amazing! As stated before, it felt as if you were in a music video! Glossy, perfect camera angles, lighting, video mixing, transitions, and digital integration was as good as I have ever seen. "The Claw" is pretty cool, and the 360 video screen was tops. Definitely an immersive experiece.

My best to all!

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