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"As life-transforming as I think a U2 gig is, it's not life and death. Doctors, nurses and mothers have more important jobs." — Bono

by Jmongo

We saw the Rolling Stones last year at UOP Stadium and they did not sound good at all, so we were a little nervous. It must be that the Stones have lost their mojo because U2 sounded great!!! The stage is ridiculous!!! I have seen them mulitiple times and this show ranks right at the top. The video screen makes every seat a good one. The only disappointments were the last song "Moment of Surrender" (it is not a good song to end a concert on) and where was "New Years Day?" "Where the Streets Have No Name" still is their best song.

The BEP's were good. Fergie can really sing. It was a good show, wished it would have been on the weekend. We should have taken the day off of work today!!!

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