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"I like boring things like loyalty, and I like to have a good time too." — Bono

by mcdenlee

I saw U2 for the "first time" exactly 13 years ago to the day of this awesome show. Then I was in the 2nd to the last row of Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Tonight I was in the third balcony, almost as far from the stage as you can be (just Edge of center)... and yet, it was my favorite of the times I've seen them. So if you're like me, a U2.com member, who did not score GA tickets, do not despair. The sound was excellent... only on All Because Of You did I notice any distortion. Bono was chatty- much more so than any of the previous shows I've attended. They are simply better musicians than they ever have been. I literally had to remind myself to breath at times- I was so caught up in the sights and sounds. The crowd was totally engaged even from up in the rafters, we were all standing and singing, with our arms in the air. I was actually surprised that a lot of people seemed to know all the words to most of the songs. The light show was amazing. My favorite lighting moment came during the line in Beautiful Day, when Bono sings "... after the flood, all the colors came out..."- the entire arena was bathed in a rainbow of colors- not just across the stage, but throughout the whole venue. Just breathtaking. Of course the light screens are brilliant, and the imagery used during Discotheque and The Fly was a rush...took me right back to Zoo Outside Broadcast and PopMart. But the best thing of all was that I got to hear songs I thought I'd never have a chance to hear live...The Ocean, Miss Sarajevo (Bono's voice has never been better or stronger), and the biggest treat of the night, my FAVORITE U2 song: The First Time. I never thought in a million years I'd get to hear that song. The same with 40 and With Or Without You- I thought maybe they wouldn't be playing them on this leg- each one was a gift. I don't mind telling you that I was moved to tears during the Human Rights Declaration- it's why I love this band so much... their music has been a soundtrack to my life (I'm Edge's age) and I respect and appreciate that they have something to say with their music. It's about the people, and the ideas. Thank you, U2 for adding so much to my life.

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