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"About halfway through Pop, it occurred to us that as much as we enjoyed improvising with DJs and drum loops, we started to miss that quality that makes us U2." — Edge, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by Collin Souter


Well, I did anyway. Today, I had the moment. Many of you know which moment I mean. THE moment, that first time, the one you tell everyone about, even those you know wont understand. Yes, THAT moment. I met Bono and The Edge outside the United Center today where they met about 50 of us. They seemed to be in great spirits and signed just about every autograph they could. Adam did too, but he didnt get to everybody. No problem, Taxi Driver.

Okay, so what does that have to do with the show, you ask? Im getting there, I promise. While Bono stood in front of me (and after I thanked him for helping to bring a very special woman into my life), I asked him if he would sing the extra verse to With Or Without You. He paused, looked up at me and asked, What extra verse?
Uuuhh, Well shine like stars in the summer night/ Well shine like stars in the winter light That one.
Oh, well, he said. Sometimes, things, words, just come out and you dont really know where they come from. They just happen. Where would I have sung that?
Rattle and Hum, I replied, completely surprised that he had no clue.
Really, its in Rattle and Hum? he asked.

Well, guess what? He knew exactly what I meant, because HE SANG IT!!! Thats it! Done! No more camping out! I requested a lyric. Bono sang it. Goodnight! A lot more happened as well, but Im supposed to use this page to do a concert review, so lets get to it.

Did I happen to mention we achieved total, full-throttle, Tomb Raiding Elevation? We did. Kite started out with Bono going solo acoustic by singing the opening verse, Something is about to give/ I can feel it coming/ I think I know what it is. Something gave, alright. After the song, the band gave the gift of surprise by ripping into 11 Oclock Tick Tock, which didnt come as a surprise to some people. But then, wait a minute! Whats this? Out Of Control comes blasting through the amps living up to its title.

New York sounded and looked better this evening. This time, three sheets lowered for the illustrations, but Bono still didnt wear the hat. Oh, well. I still miss Midnight Cowboy, but it definitely wont make or break a show.

For all you multiple-attendees, I recommend shutting your eyes during Bad and letting the music take you away for a few minutes. Youll be amazed at what happens when you open them as the song winds down.

Polly Jean Harvey and the P.J. Harvey band also did their best work so far. Every song on the set list worked beautifully. Shes had a couple clunkers, but then, she really doesnt belong in an arena. Im still happy to have her on this tour. She plays around with her set a lot, but I think she should keep this one for a while. Im looking forward to her headlining tour, but Im not looking forward to the part where I have to actually leave when she gets off stage.

Only one problem with tonights show and this falls in the category of nitpicking, but Ill say it anyway. Before the show got going, it looked as though Dallas (Edges guitar tech) had problems of some sort, which (Im guessing) caused the show to start a bit late. Usually, after Stevie Wonders Higher Ground song, the band comes on stage. Instead, they came on after the good-but-vastly-overplayed Yellow, by Coldplay. I know Im nitpicking, but I'm hoping that won't be a regular thing.

Back to the meeting Bono occurrence...one fan asked Bono if the band would start selling tickets with impossible-to-duplicate holograms next time out. Bono didnt know what the guy meant, but apparently, scalpers have been selling fake tickets to unsuspecting buyers for as much as $150. The tickets supposedly look pretty authentic, but they have been printed on heavier paper stock. This came as a surprise to Bono, and hopefully this fans request will be granted.

Speaking of requests, rumor has it the band will be doing a fan request show. My request has already been granted. Thank you, Bono!

Unto the almightyHallelujah!

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