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"I sometimes think I have a kind of Tourette's syndrome, where if you're not supposed to say something, it becomes very attractive to do so." — Bono

by cjnemec

Chicago, May 13th, 2001 United Center Well, I was in Lexington, Kentucky for my first Elevation show, on the front rail in front of the Edge. Tonight I was in the 312 section, row 9 of the United Center... Of course, nothing will ever compare to Lexington, and everything great that happened to us, but Chicago will rank as the second Greatest U2 concert I've been to, but then there is still Detroit and Boston to come, so who knows what's in store... Highlights... Best I Will Follow w/ the Edge playing the 11 O'Clock Tick Tock intro during Bono's "Your eyes make a circle"... Mysterious Ways... I have 350-400 U2 Recordings and have seen the 4 times and this was the best version I've ever heard... Unreal The spontaneity of this show was tremendous... Did not expect Pride as the third song Gone/Discotheque/Staring At The Sun... POP Medley was tremendous... really cool. The Lighting was spectacular... being in the heart in Lexington, it was tough to see the lights and effects and tonight was really cool, especially during Streets when the lights illuminate the crowd, no matter how many times that has been done, it will never get old... Amazing. Sweetest Thing was excellent The Ground Beneath Her Feet was ver powerful And In A Little While is fantastic live, completely perfect. Concert clocked in at exactly 2 hours... would have liked to see one more song tonight... possibly 11 O'Clock Tick Tock as it was an alternate to I Will Follow as someone posted already, or maybe Bad, which is another song that will never be overplayed, no matter how much it's been played in the past... The Walk On Hallelujah's!!!! WOW! Onward to Detroit... see you all in the General Admission line CJ

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