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In America the land has been conquered by the white man, but in Australia it's not really like that. . . . You can go to places and you could be the first person walking there since the Creation or whatever. -- Adam

by Michelle

Oh my god this show has come a long way since Miami...FABULOUS. Chicago #1 was excellent BUT Chicago #2 was absolutely inspired and fantastic. These guys love Chicago and Chicago loves them. Major difference for this show was that nearly all the theatrical bits were dropped...the routine with the screens during New York...dropped, the lie down entry on Mysterious Ways...dropped, all for 100% pure energy on Bono's part and on the band's part. New York was done the way it should have been all along at this show, they should keep it simple and straightforward from here on.

The show was like one huge jam session rather than a lot of staging. It was the first time in a long time, including even on this "stripped down" tour, that Bono just about totally shed the actor tendencies and was alternately a rock star in his glory and just a singer in a band. :)

I just knew luv wuz in the room when *Beautiful Day* of all tunes just really, really kicked some serious booty like I've never heard before and from there it was all up, to the ultimate Elevation. Only thing missing was a new tune, but that's okay...for now. :) Bono said during both shows that the band loves Chicago audiences and that the band was grateful that Chicago "got" the idea of Pop and Popmart and the Chicago audiences didn't let them down either, especially tonight...dang they are loud.

At the end of this it seemed for a moment that Bono & Edge were discussing maybe coming back for another tune, but alas it didn't happen...ah well. But I've seen a lot of U2 shows and tonight was Elevation at its finest...keep it up guys!

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