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"We still make music for virgins. That is the most powerful moment, the discovery." -- Bono, 2005

by Beesch

beesch here

round 2

ok, so i have tickets for this one. GA. but my sister is graduating so its going to be tight. after rounding up the group of people we head in a furious blaze of glory the the United Center. we walk in and Beautiful Day is near its end. it didn't bother me though. it was mothers day and graduation. nothing i could do. besides, its my 4th show. A real pleaser was hearing Pride 3rd on the list. i thought for sure that meant that something was going to be different at the end of the show, but it didn't happen. They shaked it up a bit with the disco/sun and sweetest thing, which i enjoy. Willie must have been trying out new things, which he has been known to do on multiple show days, because when New York started to play, no screens. Bono also didn't introduce the band at the normal time, midway during the show, but instead did it near the end in one of the encores.

Edge was having some tech difficulties during walk on, which made the whole band go out of synch. It was really quite funny, seeing that they are human and can mess up, and Bono improvs some lyrics, giving edge a joyful hard time.

overall, it was loud again, because chicago loves U2 and U2 loves chicago.

highlights of the night was getting a setlist from the soundboard, where i stood again. and reading it and seeing that where i will follow was played, it said "i will follow (or) 11 o clock"
so tomorrows show will be a bit different i believe.

also, went to the hotel afterwards, and saw Edge (completing the checklist of all four) and Bono. Then followed Bono's car to the afterparty, which unfortunately was invite only. i forgot to send bono my new address, so i wasn't let in. =)

overall it was a great night, and i can't wait until tomorrow.

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