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"It's the restraint, not the letting go, that makes his playing so exciting." — Bono, on Edge

by Joe

It's Thursday nite and I'm still very E L E V A T E D! Here is my story....

I had no tickets for any of the 4 shows and after a 60-hour workweek, found myself rather frustrated at the prospect of not seeing u2. I got up at about 9 am on Sat, mad as hell so I made a couple calls to friends to see if there were any last minute tickets to be had and nothing..noone even wanted to try and go scalp..

So I drove down to the UC myself and parked on Madison and got into about a block long line I presumed to be the GA line. After getting on line and chatting it up a bit, I realized it was the line for buying Madonna tickets!!!!!

So I headed over to the other side of the UC and got online. I was the 69th person in line but at 10 am, without ticket. So I made friends with some folks on either side (and I must say everyone I met in line was just terrific) and had them hold my spot while I walked in search of a ticket.

My strategy was to hit the closet parking lots and hit everyone up who came in for and extra. 3pm and still #69 without ticket. I could tell my in line neighbors were getting worried too. In my 4 pm walk around the UC and made my way over to Damen where I notice a small crowd of folks had formed. I went over and be fore I could ask anyone what was going on a black Town Car pulled up and to my surprise it was Adam and Larry. They stopped briefly and waved. Along comes black Town Car #2. There were Bono and Edge!! They briefly got out just to say high. (That was a thrill)

Big problem....

5 PM and still #69 without ticket !!

there was a brief moment when I thought forget it. There letting people in at 6.

My 5 pm walk and the last person I asked

ok so how much?

That's between me and him and God!!

(less than $100)

Ok 6pm. Fired up. Tired. Sunburned !!

I could not feel my feet but the moment of entering the UC and then...THE HEART was surreal. Got the wristband, headed for a beer and some much needed grooming. I hit the 300 level to sit and rest for a while.

Then I came down to watch PJ Harvey. Her set ends and the house lights came up and the anxiety mounts!!

Higher ground is on the PA and as it ends here come one by one are our usual suspects.

The launch into Elevation with the houselights up was numbing. the rest of the show goes without saying...

U2 is over rated...


Truly an amazing show and an amazing day long experience. Apart from the VIP's, some great people in the heart.

Streets was outstanding, the FLY was a treat, Stay with Jonathan was superb!

What a day...great people great band

I also made it in with friends Sunday. (300 level) But it just didn't compare to being in the heart!

and if anyone knows the girl with the hat and the Volvo, tell her Im in love!

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