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When you sing, you have to open yourself up, you have to be raw. And you have to reveal yourself, and sometimes it's very difficult for me to listen to that back, because it might not be as macho as you see yourself.-- Bono, 2002

by Mary Sahrman

My sister and I attended the first Chicago concert which was on Saturday, 5/12/01. If I could only use one word to describe the concert the word would be "electrifying". The band was simply outstanding. Bono was pumped-up and the band hit the stage running. Actually, Bono did run, not sprint, around the stage a few times. Larry, Edge, and Adam were great as well. The band played well together as did Edge and Bono singing. I purposely didn't read other fans' posts because I wanted to be surprised about the show and it was worth the long, anticipated wait. I wasn't quite sure how the stage would work but it was neat to watch the lights and props work. With this stage, there are no bad seats. I would definitely go to another Elevation concert, especially since it was announced that they will be playing in my area in late summer/early fall. The concert was great!! If you can go, go. As a side note, I thought the Elevation concert was much better than the Pop concert I went to. The band performed better and had more energy, the fans were rowdy and excited to see the concert, and the stage wasn't visually overwhelming as was the case for Pop. And, Larry actually smiled!

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