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"[I]n the early '80s ... there was this rather ridiculous idea ... that if it was big, it was bad. Which of course rules out Elvis." — Bono

by Beesch

beesch here

Well, i had the milwaukee show under my belt, and here was the weekend. round 2. i didn't have tickets to the show, but that wasn't going to stop me. i would get in. i drove down from milwaukee at 4 and got into wrigleyville at 630. worst time i ever made. i hopped on the "Elevated" train half not knowing what to do. i found my way to the United Center and began my search for a ticket. in the end, i found a guy who got me on the floor for 80 bucks, which was cheaper then other people were offering.

in getting there so late, i got no heart or no tip. so i took the next best thing, soundboard. being 6'1", i had no problem seeing. The set list was GREAT, and the crowd was awesome. Gone rocked again as usual. I took about 2.5 rolls of pictures, 1 roll of which when Jonathen, whom i just met a week ago in milwaukee, got pulled up on stage. it was an amazing and magical moment. Jonathan played soft for the first verse, but kicked it in for the second and the whole center just went NUTS!!! it was great.

saw Paul McGuinness in the VIP section in front of the soundboard, but didn't get a picture or talk to him. I did though talk to Joe O'Heirely, the man behind the sound. took a picture with him, thank him for a set list during popmart, and asked about audio recordings of the show for jonathan. Joe did say that they will be video recording the shows in Boston for a commercial release.

Overall the show was great, milwaukee is still #1, being the hometown and the heart, and the blue hat, but it was great still!!!

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