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"The concept of a boy band is quite bizarre. It's a completely artificial version of the street gang, really." — Edge

by Dan

Oh my....where to start? I cannot explain to you the complete emotional, spiritual, physical and sensory bliss I experienced in that arena. YOU MUST GO SEE THIS SHOW! It was so pure...on all levels...great energy, no gimmicks, powerful, full freakin' rock n roll U2 intensity with just enough visual delicacies to remind you that you are at a U2 show. The United Center was completely sold out. I mean all the seats, even the ones behind the stage, easily 18,000+ with the general admission on the floor, which by the way made it even more incredible because you would look down there and it was just a sea of bodies with their arms in the air rockin the house. Everyone in that place was fully amped, and you could feel the band sucking up that energy and pouring it into their performance. Wow...I could go on but I think you get the gist. By far, the best U2 show I have ever been to, and after 8 of them, I feel qualified to say that I have seen a few. I am sure that there are people that don't react the way I do, however, they probably have not experienced the level of commitment and emotional weight to the band throughout the years as I have personally. Their message, spirit, and consciousness is still conveyed through their music unlike any other band I have ever known, and I truly believe that you have to be a part of their live concert experience to fully understand that. It's communal, it's a state of mind, it's (to plug the band) elevating. But then again, that is just me.

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