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"If you believe in what you've just written, you ought to be willing to take it door-to-door, if that's what it takes." — Bono

by al

Everything I hear's still pretty faint...

The opening with PJ Harvey (45 min.) was so-so. There was a lot of distortion, so you really couldn't make out what she was singing, though.

As for U2, they were amazing, of course. The two people earlier mentioned "Jonathan" and the belly-dancer. A couple friends and I talked about this, and we're pretty sure that Jonathan was staged (anyone notice the tag he had around his neck?), and supposedly there's been a belly dancer whenever they play "Mysterious Ways." Nonetheless, the two people did add a little variety--not that it was needed at this concert, though.

Bono did kiss our "arses" with a speech, which was very flattering.

I was a bit disappointed that Bono didn't add the "We'll shine like stars in the summer night" verse to the end of WOWY, but he did add some Bob Marley to Sunday Bloody Sunday, which I liked. Looking at some past concerts, they played "Ground Beneath Her Feet," but sadly they didn't do it here; I love that song.

The United Center had four screens, each showing every member of the band at certain times; that helped for time when you couldn't see Bono. Also, screens came down for WOWY and some other song, and they projected slowly maps onto them, which added to the mood.

For an encore, the Bono started off with "Wake Up Dead Man," then switched over to "One" or "Walk On" (my memory's already hazing...).

All in all, though, I loved it, and can't wait for them to come back next time.

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