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The good news from our point of view is that [Bono] prefers working on music more than anything else. And also he's unelectable. -- Edge

by Kristin

Where to begin...It all began when I was ten years old and I bought my first U2 c.d.- Achtung Baby. They blew me away and took me places I never thought possible, and this was all at the age of ten! This was my first opportunity to see U.2 and is a moment I have waited for for years. While my seats were high in the United Center(I have floor on Tuesday, though), I felt so close to the band. Everything I heard about it was true and even better. The fan who was pulled from the audience and belly-danced for Bono, Wake up Dead Man, Streets, Bad, Pride, the fan who Bono pulled from the audience to play the piano during Stay, and Kite all made the show unique and heart-stopping.
I think I prompted U2 to play Desire. Bono and Edge were at the tip of the heart and Bono starts to say that the next song is from Zooropa(Stay), so at that moment of silence, I scream that they should play Desire. Sure enough, Bono pauses and proceeds to talk to Edge and then says, "Edge wants to play Desire!". I think Edge heard me! Anyways, I hope Chicago made the concert a memorable one for U2, because they sure did for us. Bono also looked amazing with his sunglasses off, which was the case for the majority of the show. Larry also smiled a lot, which was a nice treat. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves. Bono mentioned that he, as is always the case, was having an extraordinary time while staying in Chicago, and that this was the only arse-kissing we were going to get out of him that night. Thank you, U2, for the extraordinary experience you gave to me and all the fans. Gotta go, but just to say, there is absolutely nothing I'd rearrange.

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