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"The essence of U2 is not something that happened in 1983 or 1993. It includes from 1980 to 2000. You know, all that you can't leave behind, yes, to me the best bit of U2." — Bono

by Heather

I thought the opening was spectacular - they played "City Of Blinding Lights" and it sounded fantastic. There was tons of confetti falling from above and they had tons of energy - it was magical. Everything sounded great. I loved hearing the older songs esp "Electric Co". I wish they had played "Gloria" which I think really would have got the crowd going, and what the hey throw in "I Will Follow" too. But anyway it was overall a great show. I'd say "Pride" is sounding too - ummmm - generic is maybe the word - some of the emotion is gone but it still sounded great. I wish more of the crowd would have been going crazy - I had GA and looking around there were some bumps on a log...it would have been cool for everyone to be freaking out since it was filmed - oh well.
Great show though!

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