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"The essence of U2 is not something that happened in 1983 or 1993. It includes from 1980 to 2000. You know, all that you can't leave behind, yes, to me the best bit of U2." — Bono

by Rhia

Me and my daughter had a wonderful time! WE were second row from the rail right in the middle.
I thought it was going to be a bit tricky for me too.Iam short and had a tall girl in front of me,but I managed to stand between her and another girl,so I could see good :)

What a great concert! My daughter took the pics not all of them turned out,but the ones that did are a treasure to have.When the concert started with COBL and Bono was right there in front of us,WOW!
I also liked when the B-Man had the little girl on stage and he asked her name,and then he said "My name is Paul" :) I had a feeling that little girl would be chosen,I had seen her in the eclipse in front of me,jumping up and down.I know her mom is so proud.

My daughter loved the concert,and wants to experience the GA again,even though I was shattered from being in the GA line since 5:30 in the morning,and it was so hot and packed with peeps(I thought that I was going to pass out towards the end) It was worth every moment :) When the B-Man walked by us one time,he looked right at my daughter,so cool for her.Wish that we had been able to meet them,but there is Dublin in the future.

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