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Some people get soft and mushy when they have kids, but it makes me more militant. I just want it to be a better world for my children than it is now. -- Bono

by Steve

All in all, a very, very good U2 show. Much better than the past time I saw them, which was the last leg of the Elevation Tour in Chicago. City of Blinding Lights is a very cool opener and definitely sets the tone for one helluva concert. I won't bore you with the concert details since many others have done so already but do want to say that U2 were on their game tonight, and that I can't wait to see the DVD!!!

Not getting into the "bomb shelter" but rather being on the outside tip of the ellipse was actually very advantageous IMHO because the band rarely directed much attention into the shelter but on 4-5 occasions seemed to be personally serenaded those of us on that outside tip. My daughter could not have been any happier unless she would have pulled up onto the stage by Bono himself. Many props to the fans on the outside tip of the ellipse as well since there was very little pushing and shoving, and also very little of the "excuse me, I've got a friend up there somewhere" stuff as no one was falling for that crap...

On the flip side, slops to the United Center and the GA line Nazis. Those so-called U2 fans who have self-appointed themselves the keepers of the GA line should grow up and learn how to play well with others. Last tour it was the now infamous numbered playing card scam, this time around it was the put a number on your wrist scam. Why U2, U2.com and/or the United Center cannot take control of the GA lines in Chicago is wholly inexplicable to me, as no matter how I (and numerous other people) pled their case about showing either their member profile or Ticketmaster confirmationm in order to be properly allowed into the members line (as has happened at ALL previous tour venues) simply fell on deaf ears. These people are slime and should be ignored by one and all. All they do is insure that their little cabal of friends get access to the front of the lines and the longer that all you other lemmings allow for them to do this, the worse off the rest of us are. However, even those jerks could not ruin what was a very magical evening!!!

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