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"Where are our roots? We don't have funky black roots. We don't have white rock roots. Our music almost doesn't seem to have roots. It's like totally our own." — Bono

by John B.

My 12th U2 show going back to UF. This band could give lessons to the next generation. Here are my very subjective thoughts on Monday's show.

1. The audience for this show was one of the two least engaged I've seen. Watch Slane, watch Boston. Two thirds of the audience last night just seemed to be there. "Show me." I thought it was a tough audience, especially for a DVD. I remember when "40" went on for minutes after Larry left. Last night it just died immediately. And when that happens, we need a nice piece of music to cue up (as with past concerts).

2. The band's sound is incredible. The guys are tight. The show just doesn't pull together until the Encore. They need a better opener than the two they have used thus far on the tour. Hey, dig deep. "Gloria" to open. Set the tone.

3. Watching Larry, I wondered about his back. If even thought this might be the last tour. Let's hope not.

I love Chicago. I love U2. If the audience's intensity had been a fraction of what was on stage, it would have been another magical evening. As it was, it was U2 at their best.

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