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"No one in Dublin was interested in us and we came down here as a last resort." — Adam, on U2 winning the Limerick Civic Week Pop '78 Competition

by Brian

Last night (5/9) was my first U2 show and it did not disappoint. I'm a lifelong U2 fan and while I've seen nearly every other band in concert I've been snake bitten at getting U2 tickets. I've even gone to 3 previous concerts just to find 1 solo scalped ticket to no avail. So even though my seats were 5 rows short of being in the very last row of the UC the night was pure magic.

My wife and I agreed it was the best concert we've both been at. The lighting was great and the band was tight. Although Bono's voice started to give way some time after the encore. The whole experience resonated with my soul.

The one exception I took was when Bono mentioned Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all true. One of the things that makes U2 unique is the contribution to humanity and their political views. Personally I'm glad that Bono's uses his platform for unity, peace, love, joy, ending poverty, etc. It was just kind of a downer for me to hear him proclaim that all three religions we're the same or have the same god. Especially between two of my favorite songs Sunday and Bullet.

For me the highlights were Elevation and Streets (which surprised me because I like a handful of other songs better). Party Girl was awesome (thanks Laura) and Blinding Lights ROCKED! Thanks for the GREAT time U2! I hope I can find tickets for September.

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