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"[I]n America stadium shows are reserved seating. And you don't necessarily get the most enthusiastic people up the front. You get the people who reserved those seats." — Adam

by Brad

Well, this is the 7th time I've seen them live, and I've been a fan for more than half of my life, so I really want to comment on the show. I've read several reviews of the tour so far, and I wasn't sure of what to expect. Many of the "long time" fans have been critical of the band's performance. The term "going through the motions" has been used more than once describing the Vertigo tour. As a "long time" fan myself, I must say I don't see any lack of feeling from the band at all. The show was fantastic. I do think that "An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart" does slow the pace of the beginning, but the rest was excellent. I thought the new songs sounded great, and after New Year's Day the setlist was outstanding. Edge's guitar sounds as perfect as always, and Bono sounded really good as well. I liked the stage and lighting, although I have read several criticisms of that also. The Elevation tour is over, and that was amazing for the timing of everything, but the band has done a great job of moving forward. The looks back that they do take, like the Zoo encore, were great to see, especially for those who have followed the band for a while now. Party Girl? The girl who played (Laura I think) has more guts than most people. She did a great job, and it was cool to hear it. Fans who say that songs like Pride and Streets have been worn out are simply wrong. I've heard those songs as much as anyone, and leaving a song like Streets out would be a huge mistake. I left the show as I always have, inspired and thankful to have seen the boys play again, and amazed by just how wonderful it is to experience U2 live. So for anyone holding tickets for upcoming shows who might be skeptical, don't be. U2 is brilliant, as always. There is not, nor has there ever been a better band in the world.

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