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"There's a lot going on, but it's not really on the surface. So in this instance, I think this song was sort of tailor-made for me, in that it's a noncommunication." — Edge, on "Numb,"

by Ahmadsquad

My wife and I arrived around 5:40, and we positioned ourselves on the North Side right where the catwalk connects to the E stage, about two people back. This was our first and only show we could see this time around, so our expectations were pretty high.

The show started really strong. Everyone around us seemed to know "The Miracle," and everyone was as excited to hear songs from Boy as much as "Vertigo." We couldn't see the band too much at the start, but man did that change after the first third of the concert. We also couldn't see the full effect of the screen, but that's the trade-off to being up close to the band.

Standout songs from their recent catalog included "Iris," "Invisible," "Every Breaking Wave," and "Ordinary Love." The sound was excellent, and it wasn't nearly as ear-splitting as other concerts I've attended. Bono was clearly sick--he would cough and hack between songs, and he got extra water whenever he could during the songs. Still, his voice was amazing.

My only complaint was hearing "Elevation" instead of one my favorite songs like "Bad" or "One." I'm half-kidding, of course, but seriously, you're going to have to go to several shows in order to hear all of your favorites.

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