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"I'm not built for the schmooze. I'm not good at small talk. I'm cautious by nature." — Larry

by cjnemec

5th night! What an amazing way to end an amazing 9 days. 

U2 saved the best for last (and not to knock #1-4 because they were all incredible). Tonight though, the roof lifted off the United Center and the spirit was in the house. It was really hard to comprehend how good this was. 

What was most impressive to me, is that 3 of the 5 nights, I went to shows with people who wouldn't be considered hardcore U2 fans and each of them was absolutely blown away by these shows. 

One fan said, "I don't ever want this to leave my memory bank."

Another fan (and my dad funny enough) said, "Why didn't you take me fifteen years ago?!?)

Without question, this is the best I've seen of U2, but best is like picking the best of the 6 Chicago Bulls championship teams. It's all semantics with the best band on earth...

"The most beautiful sound I've ever heard!"

Damn right. 

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